Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day Dreaming About Her

She believes in love at first sight.

She dreams to marry a Scottish carpenter, who would play the violin every morning to wake her up from her slumber.

They will be raising two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, who would inherit her soft brown hair and her dark brown eyes, whereas possessing the height and fair skin of their father. 

They will be living in a pearl white hut with a dark blue roof.

There will be beds of bright sunflowers, eggplants-purple tulips, and baby jasmines sprouting happily at their front yard. 

There will be a pure-white pavilion right in the centre of her backyard, all coiled up by the fragile yet determined morning glory.

The pavilion will be overlooking the cliffs and the ocean, where she will be sitting in most of the afternoons to work on her paintings. 

Yes, she dreams to be a painter. 

She believes that an immature relationship is where “I need you, therefore I love you”.

But a mature relationship is where “I love you, therefore I need you”.

The passion between them sparks at a spur of the moment.

But the love between them is cumulated and deepened by the experiences they have together. 

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