Tuesday, October 01, 2013

My #1 Guiding Principle in Living Out My 30s - C'on! Every (seemingly little) achievement is worth celebrating, like baby steps!

I must say that it is Synchronicity that has led  me to pen this article down. Heck, even the concept of 'Synchronicity' itself is shared with me by a new dear friend two weeks ago. So yes, I guess I need to start writing it down in response to the meaningful coincidence before it slips my maturing braincells. 

Initially, it was just random words of encouragement that I have been reading on friends' FB updates, like Louisa's where every morning she would post words of wisdom like "Life is better with Friends" or "Think a little less, Live a little more". These are the kind of words that will allow a heart-warming smile to creep onto your face every morning when you have to rush to work in some sardine-canned train cabin (obviously with its unique benefits if there happens to be a cute thing nearby whom you can ogle at, which is of course another topic altogether.) But what really did it for me was the phrase "Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try....followed by one small action that propels you forward" (Rita Schiano) To which I thought 'Yeah! This is IT! It says it ALL! And everyone should really just start practising it already, like yesterday!!! Because this is what I have been doing all this time and WHY CAN'T people just see how EASY it is?!" It was of course a fleeting thought. I mean, WHO in her right mind would spend time pondering about such a brain-damaging question when she could spend time ogling at that cute thing standing just an arm's reach away?!!

Then this morning, a close girlfriend from Salsa Mafia (my previous salsa hang-out girls' group in KL), well, let's just call her Mama-Moo-Moo shared on our group watsapp chat that she was feeling tired this morning because she went jogging last evening, for the first time since almost 2 years ago!! Together with her husband, they ran three rounds around her condo compound to be specific. You see, Mama-Moo-Moo is a new mother who has just weaned off breastfeeding her baby, and this was her first attempt in getting back to shape. We were of course so excited to hear that, so much so that we started 'celebrating' on watsapp with emoticons and big caps shouting words like 'GOOD JOB!!'. I guess after a while, she got somewhat (in my opinion, which means I am only guessing) uneasy about the attention she was receiving and typed coyly (again, I am just imagining her tone) "Adui...like no big deal hor?!" 


Hence, here I am writing this post partly dedicating to her and partly to the rest of my friends and readers who will be chancing upon this post, breaking it down the 'whys' (and in between the how-tos) of you NEEDING and WANTING to CELEBRATE EVERY (seemingly little) ACHIEVEMENTS you have ACCOMPLISHED! 

#1 - You are just CELEBRATING not boasting! 

I guess it is pretty common to feel that little loathing voice at the back of your right ear telling you that you might risk sounding 'boastful' if you tell people how excited you feel about that little achievement. Having ran 3 rounds on some random compound that probably added up to 500m was not worth mentioning when there are friends whom you know have ran FULL-MARATHONS not once, but FOUR TIMES in just the past 3 months!!!  

Here's a reality check for you honey, do you know that by thinking in this way you could be 

1) judging yourself even before others judge you; (which is pretty unnecessary if you ask me)

2) hinting to yourself that perhaps your so-called friends are not really worth keeping at all;  (if they are not worth keeping, why is there a need for you to be bothered by what their views are about you, right?!!)

3) over-underestimating your friends; (they might not even be thinking like that at all, so give them a chance ok!!)

Because true friends care and they want to be there to support you when you want to go further, to multiply all your happiness and to lessen all your pains! So the point here is this, you are just CELEBRATING and SHARING the joy that you are feeling over your achievement(s), hence, you are ALLOWED to!!!

#2 - You need more energy / motivation to move another step!

I keep telling myself (and you should probably too) that no-man is an island, we need one another. (Well, perhaps a woman can be, but that is just as debatable as why men won't listen and women won't stop talking.) So at some point or another, after we have painstakingly drawn enough energy from within to move that ass out of our comfort zone and take that first step, it will help tremendously to receive validation aka motivation from friends for us to move further. 

Can't quite fathom that? Well, just imagine an eight months' old baby who wobbles and struggles for 5 hours before he finally makes his first baby step before he falls face flat on the ground. As an adult, are you going to pass snarky remarks at the baby like 'Oh come on you STUPID baby, that is only ONE-step! You don't fall after ONE step!! How fucking difficult is it to just fucking WALK?!! Get up from your ass and START WALKING ALREADY!!" ?  

Of course not (I hope!). Instead you will be saying 'GOOD JOB BABY!! What a great boy you are!! Mama is SO PROUD OF YOU!! Now, just one more step pleaseeee!!!" Usually, this is also the moment when the adults around him will burst into a hysterical 'OMGS!!! THIS IS SOOOO AWESOME' tear-jerking moment.  

Then, when the baby has rested enough and received enough motivation / encouragement (note: babies are experts in attention whoring!!), he will wobble and struggle (for another 4.5hours this time) to take another step!! From this point onwards, with repetition, everything will get easier for the baby, and soon enough, he will want to be walking EVERYWHERE, faster than a rabbit, and to which you'll be wishing that he could JUST SLOW DOWN! The same applies to your seemingly tiny achievement, it might be just 3 rounds or 500m for now, but if you are motivated to do more, you will probably be doing 9 rounds or 1.5km in just two weeks and then a FULL MARATHON in 6 months' time!! (There is no stopping there, as I know from another girlfriend of mine, Paulyn!!!)

#3 - Positivity will attract more positivity hence your desired result!

Birds of the same feather flock together, so does positivity (in this case, I call it the FIRE!!) When you ignite a small fire (self motivation) within you and add fuel to it (encouragement from others), the fire will thrive into a  *gasps* BONFIRE (aka PASSION!). 

Naturally, like the wilderness where it seems a tad too cold and harsh (aka a mundane city lifestyle where people tend to just eat and live on a constant) this bonfire in you will make more people WANT TO contribute to it so that they can come close, stay around and enjoy the fun, company and the warmth. 

Remember the time when a new acquaintance came up to you and said 'Hey, I love how passionate you are about life, and your positivity is soooo appealing' moment? That is the BONFIRE in you that they are talking about. In this case, positive energy gets transferred, multiplied and then back into the lot! Just be careful that it is contained within parametres (with humbleness and kindness) and not spread out like a WILD FOREST FIRE (with arrogance and ignorance!). Eventually, this BONFIRE will become a part of you, like breathing that propels you towards the results you want to achieve in your life, in any aspect. So now that you can run 2.4km without batting an eye-lid so to speak, you can then venture into other activities like wakeboarding which will DEFINITELY help tone that body!!

I guess in conclusion (which I am still learning how to do it properly since learning how to write a composition) what I REALLY want to say is that "Everyday is a Celebration" is not just a good-to-know PHRASE!! It is something that you can ACT UPON and ADAPT to become A PART OF YOU! Just start doing it NOW and soon enough, you will see how great every little thing is becoming better in your daily life. Then, you can also share your experience with others and have this BONFIRE multiplied!!! Remember, if we are ever so ready to celebrate every step the baby has taken, we should also be ready to celebrate every little achievements we have made in our lives!


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